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On the occasion of World Mental Health Day 2015, the Ministry of Public Health in Lebanon is launching the National Mental Health Campaign: “My Mental Health is my Right” “صحتي النفسية حقّي”, in collaboration with IDRAAC, the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, International Medical Corps (IMC), and various mental health actors in Lebanon.

As the theme for this year is " Dignity in Mental Health", the National Mental Health Program at the MoPH, in collaboration with its partners, will be raising awareness that mental health is a right for every person. Professor Elie Karam, senior member at IDRAAC took part in the awareness video of the campaign and you can check it on the following link.

IDRAAC collaborates with Oxford University’s student-led initiative “It Gets Brighter”

The “It Gets Brighter” campaign invites people from around the world to end the silence about mental health by collecting short videos of hope from individuals that have experienced a mental health difficulty, and those who support them. The campaign seeks to combat the belief that mental illness should not be spoken about and cannot be managed.

As IDRAAC has been the first organization to work on mental health research, awareness, and treatment in Lebanon and the Middle East, we decided to share our experience on an international level in support of the “It Gets Brighter” campaign.
We encourage you to support this campaign which was launched on January 28th, 2015 and you can check the following link to view a range of video messages from young people, politicians, celebrities and mental health spokespeople.

You can view IDRAAC’s video on the below link.

You can also share your own video or someone’s else in an effort to encourage mental health awareness on an international level!

IDRAAC is a non-profit non-governmental organization dedicated to mental health in Lebanon and the Arab World. Its mission is to conduct and promote research in mental health, psychiatry and psychology as well as raise public awareness about mental health and mental disorders. In addition, IDRAAC offers training in mental health and implements community programs and services in prevention and intervention for at- risk groups. » read more

 IDRAAC and the Lebanon Wars 
In solidarity with our community which has  been deeply affected  by the recent war events that started in July 2006, the Department of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology at the St. George Hospital University Medical Center/Balamand University, Faculty of Medicine in association with IDRAAC has concentrated its efforts to help out on several fronts by offering free mental health consultations to individuals affected by these events and offering  expert opinion  through media.  At the request of the government, the Department and IDRAAC have prepared a proposal for a National Mental Health Action Plan. For more information about our research and work related to war, please visit the War and Mental Health and the Community activities sections.


IDRAAC’s research covers various topics in mental health such as temperament, the epidemiology of psychiatric disorders, the mental health consequences of war, alcohol and substance use and abuse, among many other topics. Disorders like PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, and ADHD, and issues such as childhood adversities, adolescence and women’s mental health have been investigated. Visit this section to see IDRAAC’s research and publications and to learn about the first national epidemiologic study of mental health in the Arab World, the LEBANON. » read more



Wellbeing of Syrian Refugee Families- mainly Women and Youth-in Lebanon: An Integrated Intervention

Given the tremendous influx of Syrian refugees, IDRAAC in partnership with UNFPA and the Ministry of Social Affairs (MOSA) started implementing a mental health assistance program funded by the U.S. government to support women and youth.

The project started in February 2013 and aims at building the capacity of MoSA to deliver mental health, psycho-social support and networking with humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees. Specifically, the project aims at:
  • Building the capacity of refugee mothers in developing alternative strategies for parenting children with the goal of decreasing violence and physical abuse towards their children;
  • Increasing awareness about Gender Based Violence (GBV) and mental health problems among Syrian refugees and Lebanese women and youth and enhancing the capacity of this population to cope with GBV and psychological distress;
  • Converting school teachers of Syrian and Lebanese children in public schools into mediators of behavioral change and resilience.